Cryotherapy: from Demi Moore to Cristiano Ronaldo, the latest madness of the stars to stay young and fit

All crazy about cryotherapy: Demi Moore, Daniel Craig and Cristiano Ronaldo are just some of the VIPs who have confessed to undergoing this type of treatment. In America, they don’t talk about anything else, also because it seems that among his fans there are, in addition to the actress Demi Moore , also the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo who may even...
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Cristiano Ronaldo – Cryotherapy at home to strengthen the body

Cristiano Ronaldo undergoes cryotherapy sessions, a cold treatment with temperatures down to 200 degrees below zero, in short sessions, lasting two or three minutes, to recover from physical problems and strengthen his body, according to what the newspaper ‘El world. “Pain? No, but sensations a posteriori, they ensure, very gratifying – explains the newspaper –...
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The cure that comes from the cold

Also in Turin, at the Ginnic Life in via San Francesco da Paola, it is now possible to take advantage of the innumerable advantages of cryotherapy for physical recovery and the treatment of various pathologies. The word by which it is defined, cryotherapy,  comes from the Greek and literally means “cure  with the cold”, but...
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