Cristiano Ronaldo – Cryotherapy at home to strengthen the body

Cristiano Ronaldo undergoes cryotherapy sessions, a cold treatment with temperatures down to 200 degrees below zero, in short sessions, lasting two or three minutes, to recover from physical problems and strengthen his body, according to what the newspaper ‘El world. “Pain? No, but sensations a posteriori, they ensure, very gratifying – explains the newspaper – Through the treatment, blood circulation increases and the sensations multiply”.

Some people who practice this treatment, the most enthusiastic, “even compare it to sex, for the endorphins that are released”.

The Portuguese met cryotherapy in the Cryosalud e Belleza clinic, in Pozuelo, where he went a couple of times a week. The specialists recommended a very intensive treatment. So last August, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to buy a futuristic ‘cryosauna’ and follow the treatment at home, without the need to waste time traveling, and gaining privacy.


Even at Ginnic Life it is now possible to take advantage of the countless advantages of cryotherapy for physical recovery and the treatment of various pathologies. For information, or to book a treatment, you can go to the Ginnic Life centre, or call 011 889052.

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